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Благотворительная помощь Японии

Доргие Друзья!

Природные катаклизмы в Японии и к ним ещё проблемы с АЭС не оставляют равнодушными людей во всём мире. Всеяпонский Союз Кёкусин обратился за помощью ко всем, кто сможет её оказать.

Большая просьба, в ближайшее время, если есть возможность оказать таковую, перевести посильную сумму через

СБЕРБАНК на номер карты 5469 3800 4483 9859

Не останемся в стороне. Спасибо!

Okinawa, March 18, 2011





Dear Shihan, Sensei, Sempai,


Thank you very much for the many mails expressing sympathy and encouraging words for the people that are victims of the disaster in North East Japan.


Also thank you for the suggestions to start a collection for a relief plan for these suffering people.

There are many special trained rescue workers sent to this area (from Japan and overseas), and there are lifts of food and other necessary matters being shipped and sent by helicopter to the needy.

But as we understand it is not enough.

There is no electricity, no running water and access is difficult.

Winter has come back and the low temperatures make suffer especially the weakest.

Therefore thank you for your suggestions to the Kyokushin Union to start a collection for a relief plan for these suffering people.

The money that you will send to this account will go directly to the needy.


The Board thinks that the quickest way is to use the account that the All Japan Kyokushin already uses, but in order to separate the ordinary registration fees and the money for the relief, when transferring, please write before your own name 273.

This is a code :

2 stands for “two”, pronounced in Japanese that becomes TSU

7 stands for “NA”, abbreviation of nana, the other way of saying shichi

3 stands for “MI” the other way of saying san.

So writing 273, is the code for TSUNAMI.

Also if you can write down the reason for transfer, please mention “the relief plan for the disaster in North East Japan.”

This same plan will be put on the website for the Japanese people.


Herewith I remind you of the bank details of the Kyokushin Union :


Bank name : Bank of the Ryukyus, Ltd.

Head Office

Bank address : 11-1, Kumoji 1-Chome,

Naha-City, Okinawa, Japan


Chips uid : 011393

Beneficiary : Zennihonkyokushin Rengoukai

Bank account number : 345013


Thanking you in anticipation for your kindness, I will keep you updated,



Sincerely yours,

Yasuhiro Shichinohe

Kyokushin Union, Int’l Dept.

"Боевое Искусство Кёкусинкай - это, прежде всего, Путь и система самосовершенствования человека, где, проходя через трудности и испытания, мы обретаем силу Духа, Благородство и Уважение к другим людям, мы обретаем Жизнь, а со временем и Самих Себя."

Ханси С.И. Якунин
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